Countdown to Mumbai: TAPI is Ready to Focus on Growth Markets

By Pooja Chavan, TAPI Sales & Marketing, Mumbai, India


The Bombay Exhibition Center will be buzzing next month when CPhI India comes to Mumbai, and TAPI can't wait to be part of the excitement! This event means a great opportunity to the TAPI team, as it enables us to spend time with our customers in India and other growth markets, Read on to see our exciting plans for you!


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TAPI’s Innovative Safety by Design Reduces Risk, While Ensuring Quality

By Franjo Jović, Ph.D., TAPI Global R&D Process Safety Expert Leader, Pilot Team leader, Pliva Croatia LTD/TAPI Croatia/TAPI R&D/API Pilot


Any manufacturing process has inherent safety risks, so it is essential to identify and reduce potential hazards before production begins. At TAPI, we are always looking for ways to improve methods and ensure best practices, and that includes making our manufacturing plants even safer, to protect our employees and keep production on schedule.

Read this article to understand how measures we take and implement on our production lines contribute to your product and help ensure your project's timeline


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TAPI Takes You on an Exciting Journey at CPhI Worldwide; New Products Announced

By Itay Efraty, Director, TAPI Sales and Marketing


CPhI Worldwide is the premier event of the year for the pharmaceutical industry, and if you have time for just one industry conference, this should be the one!

TAPI President and CEO, R. Ananth, and SVP, Head of Commercial, Kerri McCullough Wood, will lead our 20 member commercial team eager to learn what we can do to make our customers’ experience even better than it is today. We will also introduce new products - the list is in this article.


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TAPI's Industry-Leading Comprehensive Use of Computational Tools

By Nir Haimovich, Ph.D., Senior Manager, TAPI Global R&D – Technologies


TAPI is constantly on the lookout for new technology to produce quality products faster and more efficiently for our global customers. In recent years, computational tools and software have emerged as a way to optimize operations throughout the API lifecycle, from early development stages to production line performance, capacities and cycle times - This is how we able to better support our customers needs!


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TAPI to Help Customers with FDA requirements for Priority ANDA Review

By Inbal Hershco-Shani, Associate Director, TAPI Regulatory Affairs


In an effort to encourage generic drug development and increase timely patient access to quality generics, the FDA has agreed to a new provision that would shorten the review process for priority generic drug submissions. TAPI is supporting you with these requests for new and existing regulatory files.


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TAPI’s Personal Touch Delivers Ideal Particle Sizes

 By Yasmeen Yeshayahoo, TAPI R&D Solid State Technology Manager; Zohar De-Valenca, Sr. Manager T&SA; Itai Shalom, Associate Director, Solid State Tech, TAPI R&D


The physical properties of APIs and particle size distribution (PSD) are critical to manufacturing drug products that will work most effectively for the patient. Producing robust API particles that meet the manufacturer’s exact specifications requires proper crystallization and milling.  How do we at TAPI determine what API particle size will work best? Read more learn how we can suport your practical sizes needs with our robust milling capabilities.


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TAPI’s PSD measurement techniques deliver customer benefits

By Adi Ben-Yaakov, TAPI R&D Physical Team Leader


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients have several important physical properties including polymorphism, water content, density and particle size. Particle Size Distribution, or PSD, has a direct influence on material properties such as: flowability, handling, dissolution rate, stability, and efficacy of delivery.

We've created a short video to show best practices and PSD recommendations to ensure consistent results - Watch it or share it with your colleuages


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TAPI Unveils Exciting 10-year Product Plans for China at CPhI China 2017

By Diliang Dai, Senior Account Manager, TAPI China


CPhI China is one of the biggest industry events of the year and for TAPI, one of the most rewarding. Held in Shanghai again this year, our sales and Regulatory Affairs representatives were able to meet in our booth with customers from China and beyond to follow up on current projects, discuss future plans, and strengthen our partnerships. In keeping with Chinese tradition, we presented a TAPI-branded umbrella to every customer as a reminder our team is here to protect them. Umbrellas were invented in China more than three thousand years ago and have special meaning – they symbolize power, dignity and shelter.


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TAPI’s New S&OP Process Ensures Customers Have an Uninterrupted Supply of APIs

By Mar Gimeno, Director - Head of TAPI Global S&OP and Demand Planning


It’s no secret that managing a global supply chain in the pharmaceutical world is a complex undertaking. There are many reasons for this, including ever-increasing regulatory scrutiny, global economic volatility and shifts in demand, among other things. 


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Unilab Recognizes TAPI with Top Honors for Quality and Support Achievements

By Mahesh Sundar, Sales and Marketing, TAPI India


TAPI’s unwavering commitment to quality and customer experience has been acknowledged by one of our most valued customers. We are proud that United Laboratories (Unilab) in the Philippines has recognized TAPI as a Certified Supplier in the 2016 Total Quality Achievement Awards, for providing exceptional support and helping them successfully achieve their goals on two significant API projects last year, support was granted in the field of Quality Assurance and Overall Customer Service, among other areas and expertise TAPI have provided to enable success in these projects from sourcing to commercial launch.


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Environment, Health and Safety Excellence = Competitive Advantage

By Elizabeth Girardi-Schoen, Vice President of Global Environment and Sustainability


TAPI, as a unique, vertically integrated business unit of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., is committed to business practices that promote safe and environmentally responsible economic growth. This commitment and its resulting benefits are added indicators not only of our high-quality products, but also of a responsible company that appeals to and seeks out responsible customers.


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TAPI's Unique Combination of Technology, Science and Talent Brings Levodopa API Production to Global Markets 

By Péter Kerekes, TAPI Site Production Head, Sajóbábony, Hungary


Bringing together unique technology with scientific expertise, TAPI is now fulfilling customer demand for high quality Levodopa API from our own state-of-the-art production facility in Sajóbábony, Hungary. Planning began several years ago and today this dedicated production line is fully operational. With this new facility, world class technology, and talent, we are able to meet the needs of more customers and our system ensures we’ll be able to supply high quality Levodopa API.


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TAPI’s Analytical R&D Capabilities Help Streamline Approval for Drug Manufacturers

By Arina Ceausu, Global Analytical R&D Director, TAPI


Fast, high-quality generic drug development is a must in today’s global pharmaceutical industry, which can pose a challenge for companies facing shorter approval cycles by regulatory authorities. The Generic Drug User Fee Amendments of 2012 (GDUFA), is designed to shorten the time required to get safe, effective generic drugs in the hands of the public by reducing pending application backlogs and increasing risk-based inspections. As a result, API R&D departments are working on the appropriate tools and processes in an effort to help speed up development of new generic products. As a consequence, there’s growing pressure on analytical development to be in line with or even precede synthetic development.


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This is a 3 articles series, read the Other 2 articles here:

Making the Worlds Drug Supply Safer from Elemental Impurities

How Trace Analysis Ensures Product Safety


How Trace Analysis Ensures Product Safety

By Michael Tikhonov, Group Manager, TAPI Analytical R&D


Second article in the "Elemental Impurities" series - To protect patient health and the world’s drug supply, drug manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure their drug products are safe, effective and meet stringent regulatory requirements before going to market, as do active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) suppliers for such drug products. In recent years, companies have adopted more advanced analytical techniques and invested in state-of-the art instrumentation to make sure their products are as pure as possible. 


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The Wave of the Future: Peptide APIs

By Dror Gefen, Site Quality Head, TAPI Plantex-Abic

Even though pharmaceutical peptides were first introduced decades ago, peptide production is still considered a young market with promising therapeutic capabilities and exciting potential for the API industry. Most APIs are manufactured with established processes and state-of-the-art technology. TAPI and its strategic partner Novetide are also pioneering a biologic approach to produce peptide APIs. Scientific advancements over the past several years have resulted in peptide APIs with more stable molecules, allowing them to be produced in larger quantities.


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TAPI gears up for DCAT Week ‘17

By Nimrod Bar-Zvi, Head of TAPI Sales, Americas 



TAPI is looking forward to four exciting days at DCAT Week ‘17 next month, the industry’s premier business development event held annually in New York City. We are preparing to unveil new products and discuss how TAPI can support our customer’s needs. 


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Making the Worlds Drug Supply Safer from Elemental Impurities

By Mislav Runje, Associate Director, R&D, TAPI Analytics


Because pharmaceutical production is a global industry and growing, regulators will soon be requiring API suppliers and drug manufacturers to meet new universal standards in general, including specific standards for elemental impurities to help ensure drug products are safe, regardless of where they are made. 


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TAPI's leadership presents: TAPI's plans for 2017

TAPI leadership team


A short video by TAPI's leadership team from R&D and Regulatory Affairs, Sales, Marketing, Quality, Supply Chain and Operations, that presents each business unit plans for 2017 and how it will benefit you as our valued partner.


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Effective Procedures for Bulk Product Sampling

Zohar De-Valenca, Sr Mgr TSA, Technologistic Team


Proper bulk product sampling plays an important role in the API industry by helping ensure the raw materials being used in drug products are consistently safe and effective. TAPI samples every product before its final release to our customers. We have found that customers who follow a different sampling process may get different results.


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Optimizing Our Supply Chain to Serve Customers Better

By Meir Shimon, Director, TAPI Global Supply Chain, Head of Network Optimization


In the fast-paced API industry, the journey from raw materials to high-quality API products is complex, and it takes a well-managed supply chain to meet customer demand worldwide. To be an industry-leading API manufacturer, you must be able to operate efficiently, fill orders quickly, and keep costs in line without sacrificing product quality. Supply chain optimization helps make that possible. At TAPI, our Global Supply Chain Network Optimization Group focuses on maximizing supply chain operations, by implementing processes, tools and decisions – some of them long term – that will enhance performance. We strive to improve the customer experience and increase our flexibility and responsiveness to changing market conditions.


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Missed us at CPHI? Here you can find our recap for the event 

By David Gonzalez, Sr Director TAPI sales Europe & India


TAPI expanded its presence in a big way at CPhI Worldwide this year, showcasing our commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience. We took every opportunity to bring this approach to life through our new, interactive booth, in our CEO’s presentation to customers, in new product offerings, and in the debut and global launch of our redesigned customer platform, the TAPI Online portal.


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Upgraded TAPI Online Offers Industry-Leading Benefits to Customers Worldwide

By Henit Lapid, VP Global Portfolio and Marketing


Get ready for a faster, easier and better customer experience! On October 4th our upgraded TAPI Online customer portal officially launches worldwide! This portal raises the bar on digital services for customers in the API industry, setting a new standard for centralized information and communication. Customers can now access exclusive information on API products, manage all of their communications with TAPI in one spot, track current projects and view previous ones, get answers quickly to keep work moving, and locate key API documentation to download by themselves with just a few clicks.


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We invite you to go digital with TAPI at CPhI Worldwide in Barcelona

By Kerri McCullough Wood, VP Head of Global Sales


When 36,000 industry professionals enter the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via for CPhI Worldwide next month, TAPI’s digital presence will be found nearly everywhere throughout the Fira. Attendees will connect to the conference Wi-Fi through a special TAPI landing page, they will be invited to relax in the TAPI-sponsored “Reconnect2Business” rest and recharge areas, and they will experience our cutting-edge online services at TAPI’s interactive booth: Hall H4, Stand 4C10. Our vision to create a “digital ecosystem” with industry-leading digital tools and services for our customers will come to life at CPhI Worldwide.


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6 Steps to Achieving Success in Emerging Markets

By David Gonzalez, Senior Director of TAPI Sales, TAPI International


In the 80 years TAPI has been in business, the pharmaceutical industry has made tremendous advancements which have profoundly improved the health and quality of life for billions of people around the world.  Developed countries with stable economies and established healthcare systems have seen the greatest benefits. But according to the International Monetary Fund, 85 percent of the world’s population – 6 billion people – live in developing or emerging markets, with limited or no options for safe and effective drug products to properly treat medical disorders.


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The EU’s New GDP Guidelines for API Distributors

By Bertil Wagensveld, TAPI Global Logistics Director


In the ever-changing pharmaceutical industry, product quality standards must continue to be rigorous to ensure pharmaceutical products that go to market will be safe and effective. Regulatory agencies worldwide have long required drug manufacturers to meet strict guidelines. Now, one region is going a step further by requiring distributors of active pharmaceutical ingredients to meet quality guidelines for distribution.


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TAPI’s New State-of-the-Art Plant Delivers Fast, Flexible Service

By Ante Radić, Plant Manager for Synthesis SM2, TAPI Croatia


TAPI customers may soon have their orders filled at TAPI’s newest, most technologically-advanced API manufacturing facility in this part of Europe, with the full capability to produce a wide array of products from low to high potency APIs, and more.


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Keeping the environment in mind!

By Pascal Michoux, Vice-President Global EHS of TAPI & Biologics


TAPI is planning to achieve energy efficiencies through investment in engineering improvements, energy management systems, adopting new technologies, and applying “Energy by Design” principles to seek energy savings in every project.


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4 Examples For How Customers Voice Helps Shaping Customer Experience

By Aluma Ben Horin, Global Customer Experience Projects Manager, TAPI


At TAPI, we are proud of our culture of continuous improvement. For the customer experience team, that means we strive to serve TAPI’s customers better today than we did last year, last month or last week. We recognize there is always room for improvement but in order to improve, we need to know how we are performing. Customer feedback tells us that.


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TAPI strengthens partnerships with customers at CPhI China

By TingTing Zhou, Associate Director of TAPI Sales


CPhI China, the industry event of the year in China, drew more than 30,000 pharmaceutical professionals to Shanghai last week, including TAPI customers from throughout the country. Having the TAPI China team and our customers together in the same place provides an ideal setting to meet face-to-face and discuss new products and business opportunities.


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Upgraded TAPI Online Delivers an Industry-Leading Customer Experience

By Tal Lankri Sasson, Dir TAPI Global Marketing Communications


TAPI is bringing an exciting new level of digital services to the industry with the introduction of our upgraded customer portal: TAPI Online. The portal is poised to make a game-changing impact that will lead the API industry with an all-encompassing customer-centric approach to digital services.


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Micronization:  Precision and Experience Matter

By Guy Samburski, Senior Director of Technology R&D, TAPI


Whether it is a cholesterol-lowering tablet, an inhalation treatment for asthma, or chemotherapy to fight cancer, medicines available today are required to work quickly and more effectively than ever before. To manufacture drug products that absorb properly, it is essential to start with active pharmaceutical ingredients consisting of particles that are the proper size. Larger particles can be reduced through a process called micronization.


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TAPI connects with customers and shares information at FCE Brazil 2016

By Sandra Soares, Director, TAPI Sales, TAPI International Sales Office


FCE Pharma is considered the most important trade show in the region and draws pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and suppliers from Latin America and neighboring countries. While many attendees were familiar with TAPI, others didn’t realize the scope of products, services and information we offer customers.


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TAPI Presents New Opportunities with Customers at CPhI Japan 2016

Koby Toby, Representative Director and President of TAPI Japan


Tokyo served as the setting for the CPhI pharmaceutical show last month, welcoming the TAPI Japan team and thousands of other industry professionals to CPhI Japan. This exhibition is the country’s premier industry event, drawing decision makers from Japan-based pharmaceutical companies and global organizations who do business in the country.


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 Benchmarking Key to Continuous Improvement

By Aluma Ben Horin, Global Customer Experience Projects Manager, TAPI


When seeking new ideas to continuously improve our customer experience, TAPI turned to benchmarking. We found benchmarking to be an effective way to find solutions that have proven successful in other complex global organizations with similar customer service characteristics. Performance benchmarking allows companies to gauge how well they are performing relative to other similar organizations and to identify ways they can improve or differentiate themselves in their industry.


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Salesforce CRM Delivers Leading Technology for Seamless TAPI Customer Experience

By Yaara Leonov, Customer Service Projects Manager for TAPI


We are very excited to announce that TAPI will launch Salesforce CRM next month – June 2016. Salesforce is an online customer relationship management platform (CRM) that will enable us to respond more quickly to customers’ needs, handle inquiries more efficiently, and provide each and every customer with comprehensive, up-to-date account information.


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TAPI unveils exciting plans for FCE Pharma

By Sandra Soares, Director, TAPI Sales, TAPI International Sales Office


TAPI’s Brazil and Latin America team will have a lot to offer at FCE Pharma when it gets underway at the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo, Brazil on Tuesday, May 10, 2016.

The exhibition is considered the most important trade show in the region for pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, and we are eager to share exciting TAPI product and technology updates with attendees. 

 If you are attending FCE Pharma, please stop by and meet us.  We are located at Aisle C2, Stand C225. We look forward to exploring new ways to meet your needs!


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DCAT Week ’16: Focusing on the Future

By Kerri McCullough Wood, Vice President, Head of Global TAPI Sales 

 The TAPI team was one of the many pharmaceutical developers, suppliers, manufacturers and leading researchers who converged on New York for DCAT Week ‘16 – the industry’s premier business development event.

During DCAT Week - we introduced 9 new pipline products in several disease categories.


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TAPI’s Control Tower Tackles the Unexpected to Help Meet Customer Demand

By Oren Reuveni, Director of Supply Services for TAPI

 More than ever, pharmaceutical manufacturers must be flexible in order to meet the changing demand for medicines worldwide. While medium- and long-term planning is critical, in today’s fast-paced environment it is only part of the equation. When new market opportunities arise, pharmaceutical companies need to react quickly to stay a step ahead in this highly-competitive industry. As their API supplier, we must also react quickly to support their needs. TAPI’s intricate global supply chain produces thousands of orders for nearly 1,000 customers, and while flexibility is essential it can be challenging to put into practice. 


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From Customer Service to Customer Experience

By Idit Booch, Senior Director Global Customer Experience

Delivering an exceptional customer experience can be a challenge for large organizations. Professionals across multiple departments, in multiple locations, providing different kinds of support must work as a team to support their customers, all of whom have individualized needs. It’s a complex process requiring a lot of behind-the-scenes coordination and sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. At TAPI (Teva Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), we strive to provide the best service in the API industry, but that doesn’t come easily.  We understand we need to continually change and grow so we can do a better job serving our customers every day. 


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Physical Quality Specifications Lead to Success

By Guy Samburski, Senior Director of Technology R&D

Whether a dose form is a tablet, capsule or sophisticated delivery system, an API’s physical properties play a key role in determining whether the dose form will perform effectively.

Particle size distribution, or PSD, is probably the most important physical property of an API. It is a critical parameter in the manufacturing process and determines how effective a dose form’s performance will be. In order to meet the specifications, the API provider requires expertise in crystallization and size reduction processes. At TAPI, experience has taught us that it is essential to collaborate closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers to set the right specifications to ensure flawless API manufacturing and a consistent supply.


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Why Forecasting is the Strongest Link in the API Supply Chain

By Mar Gimeno, Director - Head of TAPI Global S&OP and Demand Planning 

For some, forecasting is seen as a science and others an art. For all of us in the API industry, supply chain forecasting is an essential management tool that enables us to reduce some of the uncertainty in the product life cycle and plan for successfully meeting customers’ needs. Every link in the supply chain counts on forecasting accuracy to operate effectively. It creates better supply plans to meet demands, and gives the business a clearer picture of production costs and output. It improves manufacturing efficiency by avoiding overproduction and minimizes the risk of running out of stock. And most importantly, it ensures customers get the products they need and when they need them, so they can meet marketplace demand. 


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 Control of genotoxic impurities as a critical quality attribute

By Michal Skarek, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, RA TAPI

For the past few years identification and control of genotoxic impurities in pharmaceutical products has become worldwide one of key issues within development and commercialization of the products. Since some of these impurities may cause mutations and potentially a cancer, there are efforts to avoid and/or keep them to minimal levels to limit the potential carcinogenic risks and so ensure the safety of the products. Consequently, both drug developers and drug producers including API suppliers are investing vast resources in assessments of potential impurities in their products and in developing analytical methods to determine and control the toxic ones to assure compliance of their products with the relevant health regulations. 


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