TAPI Offers New API Sterilization Service

TAPI Offers New API Sterilization Service

TAPI is adding a new capability to its industry-leading products and services: API sterilization!

 Soon, you'll be able to rely on TAPI's vast expertise and latest best-in-class resources to address your product formulation needs regarding sterile APIs and achieve your goals. As you'll learn in this white paper, we will support two models of API sterilization, examine the advantages of our processes, and reveal our efforts in building a new, state-of-the-art facility, which is designed to specifically handle this new capability.

Sterilization provides another valuable solution that may factor into your consideration set when selecting an API supplier.


Dedicated facility producing quality results

Our scientific know-how and rigorous standards will be incorporated in all aspects of our new manufacturing site TAPI Croatia. TAPI  chose to place the sterilization facility within one of our Croatia sites, which is one of our best manufacturing sites, with a good history of production, clear from regulatory issues and approved by the FDA, this site is working with customers from around the world and is expert and knowledgeable in requirements for all markets, it is also cGMP certified.


Compliance with cGMP standards


The facility, which is built to comply with cGMP standards as well, is expected to support the first batches of sterilized products ready to ship during 2019. We are closely coordinating with the FDA and local regulatory authorities globally throughout construction to ensure our facility is in compliance of regulatory requirements.


Download our API sterilization white paper now to discover how TAPI strives to provide an exceptional service and customer experience, along with advanced high quality API sterilization solution that can answer your needs.

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