Downstream Processing (DSP)

TAPI’s downstream processing (DSP) capabilities cover a broad range of products: from antibiotics, statins and immunosuppressants to high-potency compounds and enzymes. Our cutting-edge technologies, deep process understanding, and exceptional R&D services meet the most demanding industry standards.

TAPI owns large and modern DSP plants harmonized with our fermentation plants. They are highly automated and operated by skilled and experienced professionals who specialize in performing recovery processes required after fermentation.

Our R&D experts are involved in all stages of the product lifecycle to continually improve productivity and product quality for both new compounds and existing products.

Our DSP activities cover diverse operations including whole broth extraction, vacuum-drum filtration, membrane filtration, evaporation, thin film evaporation, silica gel chromatography, ion-exchange chromatography, adsorption resin chromatography, crystallization, filtration, and drying. A DSP pilot plant and a DSP mini plant advance technology by delivering and implementing new processes across the facility.

Over the years, the TAPI DSP team has conducted several technology transfer projects that have strengthened our QA, regulatory and other industry-leading competencies. Our R&D, engineering and production teams collaborate closely to ensure we consistently operate efficiently and effectively.