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We are proud to share with you our talented employees

Laura Maroto, Sales office Customer Experience Expert, Sales & Marketing (HQ)

Laura joined TAPI's global Customer Experience department in 2012, and is currently based in TAPI's Amsterdam sales office.

 In her position, Laura is responsible for managing service requests submitted by customers all over the world, thus gaining insight and building expertise in various markets.

The most important part of Laura's role is to her ability to efficiently coordinate the process of replying to each service request, by managing the communication flow across different functions within TAPI, thus enabling a customers to receive a reply in the shortest possible time.

"Talent is within our organization and we are striving not only meet but exceed for delighting our customers"


Osamu Shirota, Ph.D., Customer Experience Manager

Mr. Shirota acts as a Customer Experience Manager in our Japan Sales Office.

Osamu joined TAPI in 2014 and is supporting TAPI's customers since, specializing in both API knowledge and customer service.

As part of his position, Osamu is responsible for supporting TAPI's Japanese customers by providing information regarding TAPI's products and technologies, in addition to managing customers' service requests.

With the cooperation of other customer experience team members in Japan, he is putting the best efforts towards achieving their goal – creating the best customer experience TAPI can provide in every touchpoint they have with customers.

“Every touchpoint with a customer, from a trivial question to a complaint, is a seed of firm relationship with a customer.”


TAPI employee

Goran Bozic, Technological Process, MPS Plant TAPI Croatia


Goran Bozic works at TAPI's MPS plant in Croatia, as part of the technological process team responsible for the production of one of TAPI's leading products. Goran and his team control all the process parameters, ensuring high quality of the product.

Goran has been in this position for nearly two years, and stands out due to his broad knowledge, proactive approach and continuous exchanging of ideas with his experienced co-workers. Goran's positive spirit is an inspiration to his team, and has also led to improved team results in ensuring on time production and full support of TAPI's customers' needs.

"With desire, knowledge, devotion and support from your business team you can accomplish all goals"


TAPI employee 

Betty Heil, Customer Experience Manager

Betty is a customer experience expert in TAPI, operating as part of the global customer experience team. Betty has been efficiently supporting North American and Canadian customers for over 24 years, by providing the necessary documentation and information in order to promote their launch activities.

"Excellent Customer Experience sets us apart from our competitors"

Tamir - TAPI employee  

Tamir Arcusin, Global Samples Warehouse Specialist

Tamir Arcusin has been managing TAPI's global samples warehouse for over 5 years. In this position, he is responsible for managing the warehouse inventory, while making sure that the most updated materials are available to be exported according to each customer's request.

Tamir's dedicated work is what enables TAPI's customers to receive custom made samples and additional supporting documentation in a very short period of time, and free of charge.

"It's all about getting it right, from the first time"


 Gallia Attali, Associate Director, Product Management, Marketing

Gallia is a Product Manager in TAPI’s Global Marketing team. In her role, she manages a portfolio of over 60 APIs, through several life-cycle stages (from pipeline to commercial). One of the core activities in her position requires analyzing the existing opportunities in the market in order to provide TAPI's customers with the best product at the right time.

Gallia started her career in TAPI’s Marketing 8 years ago. She defines project goals and objectives and is proficient in all the details regarding the products she is responsible for, in order to contribute to TAPI's customers' success. 

"Leading & sharing our products understanding, to concretize every opportunity”

TAPI empoloyee 

Zvonimir Lackovic, Technological Process, Savski Marof 2 Plant TAPI Croatia

For the past 3 years, Zvonimir Lackovic has been working as part of a team responsible for the technological process at TAPI's new Synthesis Savski Marof  2 plant in Croatia. Zvonimir's main responsibility is operating and monitoring the technological process, including the tracking of production batches, and maintaining precise documentation of each batch card.

Additionally, he keeps track of all production parameters, ensuring that they are within the prescribed range. Together with other colleagues from different departments, he ensures that each product is produced in a timely manner and in full compliance with latest GMP and EHS standards. By maintaining high standards, he is contributing to the overall success of TAPI's customers.

"We must always be ready to respond to our customers’ needs“

TAPI Global CX & Marketing Sr Dir

Idit Booch Senior Director Marketing & Customer Experience

Idit, our Marketing & Customer Experience Senior Director , joind Tapi in March 2006 and started her path in our company as an Ambitious Product manager.

She is a graduate of the Hebrew University and holds a Master's degree
In Technology Management (Chemistry and Business) and B.Sc. in food technology

As part of her work in tapi, Idit design and execute customer experience & marketing strategy in order to ensure optimization of our customer's journey.

Idit manage to operate this important and Complex department, by leading a global team of Professional product managers, portfolio experts, customer experience and Marcom representatives, in the best coordinate possibled. 

"Focusing on the entire experience enables us to better oversee each step of the journey and ensure employees in every department can deliver best-in-class service"