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Value Added Services

  • Customer Service

    You come first - that's the way we see it at TAPI. Our dedicated professionals provide first-rate 24/7 customer service through a selection of communication channels.

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    Customer Service
  • Drug Regulation

    Commercially distributed APIs must be registered with national authorities. We hold over 280 US Drug Master Files (DMFs), making TAPI the worldwide API leader.

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    Drug Regulation
  • Drug R&D

    Research and development is the fuel that sustains TAPI's leadership position. We employ a motivated team of 760 top scientists at 7 R&D centers worldwide.

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    Drug R&D
  • Custom Synthesis

    From basic research to full-scale commercial production, TAPI leverages our broad capabilities to fulfill your custom synthesis needs. Our specialized teams of scientists can manage your entire custom-synthesis project.

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    Custom Synthesis
  • Pharmaceutical Quality

    Quality is the cornerstone upon which TAPI is built. We prove our commitment to quality everyday by implementing global guidelines and complying with emerging standards.

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    Pharmaceutical Quality
  • API Physical Properties

    TAPI has accumulated extensive experience in tailoring physical properties to customer requirements. We specialize in polymorphic forms and other physical properties that are designed to meet special formulation needs.

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    API Physical Properties
  • Multi-Geo Targeting

    At TAPI, we think global but act local. Our worldwide array of sales offices, manufacturing sites and R&D centers enables us to address your specific geographical requirements.

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    Multi-Geo Targeting
  • Intellectual Property

    IP is a major part of our ID. TAPI's strong and focused IP portfolio protects your freedom to operate, increases your confidence, and decreases your time to market.

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    Intellectual Property
  • Analytical Development

    TAPI is your address for cutting-edge analytical development. We possess expertise in advanced analytical techniques and processes, supported by state-of-the-art instrumentation.

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    Analytical Development